Stone Fireplace Rumford Conversion
Stone Fireplace Floor to Ceiling
Stone Fireplace Before and After
Granite Stone Fireplace

Fireplace Re-Facing-Remodeling-Updating-Rumford Conversions-Fire Pits-Barbecues.
Fireplace - Before
           Thin Veneer Natural Stone Fireplace -  During
                        Construction Progress
Black Slate Fireplace Surround and Hearth
Fireplace - During Construction
Round Stone Fireplace With Stone Seats and Paver Patio
Round Stone Fire Pit
Stone Fire Pit, Stone Wall, and Stone Patio
Stone Fire Pit, Walls, and Patio
Stone Barbecue, Stone Walls, and Patio
Slate Fireplace Veneer Facing
Multi-Colored Slate Fireplace Surround and Hearth
Cultured Stone Chimney
Cultured Stone Chimney
Marble Fireplace Facing and Hearth
Thin Stone and Brick Installation System
Thin Brick/Stone Installation Process
Marble Fireplace Facing and Hearth
Stone Fireplace Veneer
See-Thru Fireplace with Thin Stone Veneer
Thin Stone Fireplace Refacing
Thin Stone Fireplace Refacing
Stone Fireplace Veneer
Thin Stone Fireplace Facing Veneer
Thin Veneer Stone with Sandstone Hearth
Cultured Stone with Bluestone Hearth
Slate Fireplace Veneer Facing
Rumford Fireplace Conversion with Natural Stone Veneer
Stone Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue with Granite Top and Paver Patio
Rumford Fireplace Conversion With                  Natural Stone Veneer
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Marble Fireplace Surround and Hearth
The fireplace is the central focal point in any room. When guests walk into a room, their eyes are automatically drawn to it. When we think of our fireplaces, we envision a welcoming, inviting room where we gather on a cold winter evening with family and friends; a place where we discuss our day, tell stories, enjoy our holidays with family and friends, and enjoy a warm, flickering fire. 
But, maybe your fireplace is a little outdated, worn, or is no longer compatible with your room’s décor. The solution may be simpler and less expensive than you think….a fireplace-remodel or re-facing.  From simply re-facing to a total re-model, the available designs and materials are limited only by your imagination and budget. We will provide you with a totally free consultation and work with you to develop a design that will be both aesthetically beautiful and financially satisfying.
We have been doing this for more than 30 years so you can be confident that all phases of your fireplace project, from the design phase to completion, will be done with the highest quality, in a professional and timely manner.

Marble Fireplace Surround and Hearth
Natural Thin Stone Fireplace Veneer
Stone Outdoor Kitchen and Barbeque        With Granite Top and Paver Patio
Fireplace - Before
Stone Fireplace - During Construction.
Ledge Stone Fireplace - Completed
Fireplace - Before
Granite Stone Fireplace - During Construction.
Granite Stone Fireplace - Completed
Above Fireplace Close-Ups
Fireplace - Before
Stone Fireplace - During Construction
Boston Blend Stone Fireplace - Completed
Fireplace - Before
Stone Fireplace - During Construction
          Colonial Tan Mosaic 
Natural Stone Fireplace - Completed
Fireplace - Before
Stone Fireplace - During Construction
                Boston Blend NaturalStoneFireplace - Completed
Flooring in work areas are protected by solid
flooring materials to prevent damage to flooring
and carpeting.

Work areas are sealed off from other areas where possible with temporary partitioning to prevent dust from entering other areas
Outside Kitchen, Barbecue, and Fireplace

We Support Our Troops

With today's materials, additives, and covering methods, masonry and stone work can be performed safely and economically in all weather, including winter.

Many people are under the false impression that stone and masonry work cannot be performed in winter. Because of this false belief, it is a time of limited stone and masonry construction. This brings into play the reality of supply and demand economics. Since winter is not as busy as spring, summer, and fall, we lower our prices to maintain a continuing flow of work. This can be a great price advantage for our customers, saving them hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Natural Thin Stone Fireplace Veneer
Natural Thin Stone Fireplace Veneer
Fireplace - After Completion
Unpolished Marble Hearth
Completed Fireplace - Cleanup

Temporary Exterior Tent For Winter
All work areas are thoroughly cleaned upon completion of work.  There is nothing for you to do accept enjoy your new fireplace.
Well, it's August again.  Our kids are preparing to go back to school and Fall is right around the corner.  The cold weather is coming and the days are getting shorter.  It's time to start planning those indoor projects that we want to have done in time for the holidays.
​Stone Fireplace Veneer with Bluestone Hearth with Rock-faced Edging